Digital camera microscopes are replacing
traditional optical microscopes around the globe


Cmore FHD Software


The software is included on a USB stick to all Visus Cmore FHD systems. It is also possible to download here on No drivers, no product keys, install and run.

Control your Cmore

With the Cmore software you can control the Cmore unit from the PC, with functions as Zoom, freeze the image, control the brightness, Turn of the Autofocus and control the focus from the pc if you need that. Use a HairCross refence, turn off the color, set the Digital zooming on and off. Save live pictures. You can also zoom and store pictures from the mouse direct. Using booth left and right button on the mouse options as save video can also be used.

Messaurement and drawing

With the software you also have the option to make drawing or measure on the image or the object that you are  magnifying or investigating.
  • Vertical, horizontal, angles, diameter.
  • Use it as a mark tool to make dots for printing.
  • Mark the object image with freehand or square marking.
  • Different options to mark circle or measure angle between to known lines or angle vs the horizontal line.
  • If you need more accuracy in the measuring, a click-click option for calibrate is available.
  • If one calibrate and uses the very same zoom each time, this values can be stored and reloaded again another time, when the same object is about to be analyzed.
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